Friday, August 21, 2009

So my sweet Neice took a little pitty on my Christmas back ground. I have been so bad at blogging. I lost the addapter to my camera so I can not down load any pictures. I know I can still post, it is just not as fun with out pictures. The summer was good just not long enough. The boys started school and seem to like it. Ellie will start next wed. it could be crazy. I will let you know how we BOTH do. Andy and I are on our way to Lake Powell today for just a quik trip, we will be home Sunday so we really are only there one day. Oh well it will be nice to get away enough for that long. It is one of our good friends birthday saturday. Happy Birthday Peter.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is my most favorite day. I love the anticipaction of Santa Coming. The kids are always so excited they can never fall asleep. I remember exactly the way they feel. Christmas has always been the best for me. I love the time of year and the spirit in the air. I hope all of you will have a wonderful and Happy Holiday! Be safe in all your travels, and remember the real meaning of Christmas!
Love, Julie

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ellie's Christmas Program

Ellie just had her dance program Wed. night. We are so proud of her. She was a little frecked out about performing in front of all those people, but once she was on stage it all came natural. She looked so dang cute. She did great! Way to go ELLIE! When we were leaving we ran in to Santa and Mrs. Claus that just topped the night off, it was perfect.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can not believe my baby is 5 today! It is so sad, it means I am getting old! I don't know what I will do when my kids are all grown up. My kids are my whole life. I know she is spoiled rotten, but hey, she is our baby! no more kids how sad is that. Last night we had a family party for her and her cousin Dakota since his B-Day is the day after Ellie's. Today we had a little Tea Party, which consisted of some of her very best freinds, Grandma Wiley, Aunt lyn, Aunt Cherrie, Avery, Janet, and her little freind Olivia. Oh ya and of course me. We had great fun. I want to thank our families for being such a great part of our life's. She got so much stuff, what the heck will Santa bring her? Ellie is a very special part of our family. I hope she had a great day. Happy birthday we love you Ellie!

Well The day after Thanksgiving Andy and I had plans to go with our good freinds Tom and Robin to Wendover for the Wynnona Judd concert. Andy and Tom decided that it would be fun to come home the back way from Wendover so we could stop on the way home and check their traps. They thought it would be faster HA HA! Andy and Tom trap for bobcats and stuff way out west. Tom drove and we pulled the four wheelers on a trailer. First we got to about Orem and some people passing by us was trying to tell us something was wrong with our trailer, so we pulled over but could not really see anything but the tires were really hot. We deecided to be safe and come back to our house and swap trailers. That all worked out and we were on are way again! Everything was fine we were making good time then all of a sudden the seat to Toms four wheeler came flying off. We are glad it did not land in the middle of the free way. We turned around and Tom and Andy walked down the middle of the free to get the seat. The seat was still in good condition, I could not beleive it. We finally got to Wendover and had a great time. The concert was Christmas music. I loved it, it was so relaxing. We got off to an early start the next morning leaving by 9:00 we planned on being home around 1:00. Well after navigating our way the back way to the trap site on a dirt road and after a blow out on the trailer, we finally got to the traps about 1:00. We checked all their traps NOTHING. We were loading the bikes back up when I looked over OH NO! another flat this time on the truck. Just our luck. We changed that and thought well we are completly out of spare tires hope we don't get any more. There is no cell service out there and litterly nobody. We headed home with no more problems. We got home around 4:00 I think, but better late than never. Even though we had some problems it was great to get away. It was amazing country and the company was great. Thanks Tom and Robin for a great time!

This year for Thanksgiving I hit both sides of our families. THANKSGIVING WITH THE WILEYS


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kayden sighned up for basketball this year so I am excited about that. He is doing well in school and I am so proud of him.

Ellie is getting better at going to preschool(She is not crying everyday now, just some days) She has a dance program coming up Dec. 17th I cant wait to see her progress.


Garrett graduated from the RAD KIDS program at his school. He was great. For those of you that do not know what Rad Kids is, it is a progam that teaches the kids about stranger danger, what to do in a fire, and all kinds of self positive things. It is a great program I am glad Garrett had the chance to particpate.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Friday I went on a feild trip to Thanksgiving Point Dinasour Museum with Garretts 1st grade class. I rode the bus up with the rest of the class. It was so much fun even having the opportunity to ride the bus with him. All the way up there he kept telling me I Love you, it was so cute. Garrett is always a happy kid and has fun were ever he goes. When ever I would say stand here so I can get a picture he could not just be normal he had to go crazy. It was so much fun, I am glad that I have such a good mom that will take Ellie for me so I can go and do these things with my kids. I love being a mom.

So we had Andy's brother Rick and his family over wed. night so his wife could help me on the computer with invoices for Andy's work(I think we all know that the computer is not my best subject). The kids started playing with Rick which involves the kids trying to bet the crap out of Rick because he is like a big teddy bear. The kids think Rick is so tough Kayden started saying to Andy how much tougher Rick is than him. Andy was not going to have any of that so he challenged Rick to an arm wrestle. It was so funny the kids thought it was great, they were all gathered aroung the table laughing so hard. It was priceless. And yes Andy did bet his big brother.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It has been kind of crazy around our house this last week. We had a water leak in Ellie's room coming from our roof so we decided we better get it fix. Of course it always turns into more than what you think. We hopefully fixed the leak and got her room back together. Since I had to repaint she wanted it painted purple. It turned out kind of crazy 2 walls are purple 1 is green and I left 1 wall pink. I am having a hard time getting used to it so we will see what happens. It might all end up being purple soon. Ellie loves it though so I guess that is all that matters. Well it turned out to be a great halloween. The kids had so much fun. The girls that I work with are so much fun,they all dressed up like Zombies for are main street halloween. We always go to main street and trick-or-treat the local stores their is always a huge turn out, then we went around my neighborhood and the kids had a sleep over with Kyler and Brennen. It was a good weekend. It is so fun to watch my kids on halloween they love it!
Kayden Garrett, and Ellie.
The girls at my work dress up and pass out candy to hundreds of kids. They have a theme ever year, this year was ZOMBIES. They were all creative, it turned out so good.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It has been a wierd week. Andy and Kayden left to go hunting Tuesday after school. I hate that Kayden is old enough to go. I mean I am happy for him to go and spend time with his dad enoying what they love to do, but it is so wierd when he is gone. Kayden is usually the one I stay up with watching movies when Andy is gone. Garrett and Ellie fall asleep fast. I miss them. They will be coming home tonight I can't wait. I wanted to do something fun with Garrett and Ellie, so we went to the zoo. I invited my sister in-law and her 3 girls. It was so much fun. The kids get along so well. It was a wonderful day. On the way home we went to a craft store and got some halloween crafts. We spent the rest of the evening painting. It was a blast. Here are some pictures from the zoo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It was a great weekend for us. On Sunday I had a family party, to celebrate my oldest sister Brenda getting married. Her wedding was in Hawaii on the beach a couple of weeks ago. We all got together to look at her wedding picture, and to meet her new husband (tony's)kids. The pictures were amazing. We are all very happy for her. We love her new husband he is perfect for her. It was so much fun we were all there, it was a miracle. We are usually missing somebody so we took advantage and took pictures. Here are some that we took.